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Content Marketing Mistakes Which Will Ruin Your Business in 2020

2020 is seeing the most successful brands online investing in strategic content marketing.

Why? Because it is one of the most underrated marketing weapons. But many brands have now gotten on the content marketing bandwagon to establish big-name online. Even small marketing mistakes result in fewer sales and a tarnished brand reputation.

Content Marketing Mistakes Which Will Ruin Your Business in 2020

So, to bring new leads, they are focusing on content marketing. The greatest case studies show that content marketing is the most effective marketing strategies available. So everybody is writing to reach the target audience and rank for target keywords.

That is the reason why when you search on a blog topic, you get millions of results.

But to stay on top, here are some of the content marketing mistakes to avoid.

Sticking to One form of Content

We all find blogs with no images quite boring. Adding something to them breaks into blocks and makes it looks better. Mostly, the content on the good ranking has at least one or more images.

Infographics take the engagement to another level making it easy to digest.

Moreover, the information conveyed using visuals retains in mind as we just process images faster than text. An analysis concluded that there was 50percent more response to visuals. That’s why it is better to stick to delivering content with images.

It is a simple and easy way to get more leads. Images and infographics are easy to digest. With several free tools available, choose the
Infographic template and customize it accordingly.

Content with great images and graphics is the type of content you need to focus on for driving leads.

Research on the Target Audience

Writing blogs knowing for whom who are writing is a common mistake content marketers make.

Always choose the topics that the audience can relate to. It grows your business and traffic.

Content written with a target has transformed small businesses into revenue giants. So make your content interesting and relevant to the target audience. It is writing the right content for the right people at the right time. It will increase your customer base and get the right kind of traffic.

To do that you have to understand customers’ interests or navigate audience insights to know the content that appeals to the audience. Research thoroughly on the content that actively engages people to write a content piece, that counts.

Know the Intension to publish Content

People put out content without knowing their target. It is an unhealthy practice. So before writing a piece of content you should be clear why you’re creating it and the results you expect from it. When you’re clear about your intentions, it will generate and engage more leads.

It completely changes the impact of your content.


People put a great 1000-word blog post and are done with it.

No, it’s not enough to get traffic on your website when you don’t have a CTA. They play a key role in driving inbound traffic. So use CTAs all over the site from each blog post to a webpage to collect leads from various content-marketing pieces.

A bar at the top or bottom of the page is the most frequently used setups to place a call to action button. It will convert visitors to customers. Customize CTAs according to the theme of the website to make it more aesthetic. The style and content should match the brand to drive different types of traffic.

Changes can be made on the offers so that after already clicking “No”, users see a different call to action. Most importantly, they should be mobile-optimized to convert mobile traffic.

There is an option to how and when your CTA is displayed, so according to the blog or page, you can customize it. Special offers always capture actively-engaged visitor attention, make them really-interesting.

To drive more leads, add a CTA to every content piece with some customization.


Content marketing is the only way to drive leads. Using content to become leaders is the most effective marketing strategies.

But some mistakes that content marketers are making jeopardize the ranking. BaseCreative researches on audience and content with different formats to write good marketing pieces. Only when all the strategies are appropriately placed, your business will drive more leads.