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Manual Testing Vs Automated Testing: Which Is Better?

The only way to analyze the quality of your website or an application is to do the testing. It is a process in which you check whether your software product is functional or not. Software testing can be categorized into two categories. These are automated and manual testing. Both are important, so it is worth to know the difference and the right time to use them.

Manual Testing Vs Automated Testing: Which Is Better?

Manual Testing

The quality assurance team commonly performs this task by hand. It means, the testers run your app on various devices and operate it as the end users to check and find its requirements.

Manual Testing Is Best Applied For Below Areas

When you develop a simple website or an application with fewer functionality, it will be better to choose manual testing. It gives you better flexibility to fix some change in the design and functionality of your product. A software which emphasizes UI and UX will benefit from subjective validation offered by manual testing. No automation tool can help you to choose the right font size or perfect color for better usability. Below are some areas when manual testing works better.

  • Exploratory Testing

    When your product needs a set of human skills like experience and creativity, the manual execution will best fit your project. Typically, it requires limited execution time and no comprehension documentation to follow. So, testing by hand proves valuable in such condition.

  • Usability Testing

    Testing by hand aims at validating the qualities of products such as efficiency, usability and convenience for end-users. It helps you to assess such attributes of the software with the help of human observation and first-hand experience of a tester.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a process in which the pre-scripted tests on the software product executes before it could be released into the production.

Automation Testing Is Best Applied To The Below Mentioned

When you need testing for the repeated execution, then choose automated testing. It especially turns out to be beneficial for large projects. For example, manually testing may be difficult for the product with 2 billion lines of code. When it comes to taking into account new products and changes that might impact on other parts of the system can be challenging to monitor via the only manual testing process.

Where there you need to rerun tests frequently, automated testing can be your reasonable investment as it allows you to test the entire product at every iteration using minimum efforts. Here are some types of testing where automation is the best method for you.

  • Regression Testing

    In case your code base often changes, and you frequently introduce minor changes, your regression testing can be beneficial from automation. It approaches the repeatability as well as save your efforts and time using multiple test scenario reruns.

  • Load & Performance Testing

    With the help of automation tools, a QA tester can simulate many concurrent users, database queries and server requests to find the performance of your system under the load. In addition to this, you can track and measure different metrics in the process.


In most cases, a combination of both manual and automation testing can provide you with excellent results. When you are working on a feature-rich system, its performance will be the primary part to focus on, yet you can’t ignore the product usability. Similarly, even a small product can leverage automated load testing.

Moreover, you should keep some important aspects in your minds such as time frame, team’s skill-set and budget for considering the testing approaches. If you are looking to hire a QA team expertise in both automation and manual testing, then feel free to contact us at Base Creative. We are the leading web design, development and mobile app company in Markham. Our team of professionals ensure to provide you with unique, well tested and flawless products. Call us today to request a quote.