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5 Steps To Design A More Mobile-Friendly Website

Is your website mobile-friendly? Just because you can use it on your phone does not mean that it is mobile-friendly.

Nowadays people are less active on PC or laptop. They get and want all the features in the grip of their hand. Buyers use their smartphones to check and compare the prices and make a purchase online.

Therefore, you need to have a mobile-friendly website. If you do not have or are looking for some ways to make it accessible via Mobile, here are some of the Mobile-Friendly website design tips.

5 Steps To Design A More Mobile-Friendly Website

5 Steps to Design a Mobile-Friendly Website

Examine the Website Mobile’s Design
Workout on your mobile-friendly website design. Examine it. Before you examine the friendliness of the mobile-friendly website, there are several factors to look through. Make-ensure that the mobile version helps you keep the focus on the content you want to showcase. Also, make sure that they are clear and appear in a poem format. Lastly, you need to check whether the website fits through the differently sized mobiles or devices.

Analyze your Content
Whether it is a website on a PC or Mobile, quality content is a must! It helps you in retaining the customers and the visitors to your website. Also, they will include the old visitors and attract new ones to your site. Analyze the images, content, layout, videos, static pages, landing pages, blog posts, photos, and statistics.

Optimize the keywords for Mobile
The keywords used in the mobile search intent can be slightly different. Thus, the website should be optimized as per the mobile-friendly keywords. This helps in bringing the users to the desired page with those ranking keywords. Keep it short and sweet- like 2 or 3 words might be enough. Optimize every page of mobile-friendly websites accordingly.

Analyze the Speed
The time the website takes to open should be as little as possible. No user would like to wait for the page to load. This will result in a higher bounce rate and reduce the average page visitors on the website. Further, this creates a negative impact on the search engines. Therefore, the website fails to rank better as it could. Make use of the free online tools to check the speed of the page.

User Experience
When auditing your mobile-friendliness of the website, the user’s experience matters a lot. Therefore, you need to make sure that the user does not face difficulty navigating through one section to another or even performing the desired action. You can include the right tools and navigation searches to ensure that the user or the visitor on your page is not confused on the website.

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